How to apply online for a fake diploma from the University of Salford.  Founded in 1896, the University of Salford is a comprehensive university with a long history in the United Kingdom, adjacent to the bustling city centre of Manchester. 

The university boasts world-class teaching and research capabilities, especially in business, science and computer science.  The University of Salford was founded in 1896 as the Royal College of Technology and was officially established as a comprehensive university by Royal Charter in 1967. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, served as chancellor of the University for 25 years. 

The University of Salford is renowned for its excellent teaching quality, innovative teaching methods and employment-oriented curriculum.  According to the latest higher education data released by the Higher Education Quality Authority  in 2008, The quality of teaching at Salford University was ranked in the top 10 of more than 110 universities in the UK.