The best website to buy Fake Assumption University certificates.  In 1972, authorized by the Ministry of Education of Thailand, the Assumption Business Administration College (ACBC for short) was formally established.  In May 1975, the college was authorized by the Office of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.  In 1990, the Ministry of Education’s Office of Higher Education officially approved the university’s name change to Au.  

Louis University is a non-profit educational institution run by the International Catholic Church organization Brothers of St.Gabriel, founded in 1705 by St.Louis Marie De Montfort, dedicated to educational and philanthropic activities.  Since 1901 the organization has opened several educational institutions in Thailand.  

Inspired by the revelation of Christ, au has become an international community of scholars in the pursuit of truth and knowledge and in the service of human society, especially through the creative use of interdisciplinary teaching methods and computer technology.