Where to buy fake diplomas from Red River College.  Red River College is a public school owned by the Provincial government of Manitoba, Canada, located in Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba.  Founded in 1938, the college offers preparatory studies, certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and advanced diplomas in more than 100 programs.  The main campus is located on 160 acres near Winnipeg International Airport.  In addition to the main campus, there is a language training center in the city center and six other campuses. 

The college has over 32,000 full-time and part-time students, 750 full-time staff and a large number of part-time teachers working in the industry.  Honghe College specializes in business administration and international trade, tourism management, electronic engineering technology, transportation, engineering and industrial technology, health and applied sciences, communications and creative arts, technology management, computer analysis and programming, information systems technology education and training.  Red River College is one of the largest colleges in Manitoba and Canada.